Not too long ago, marketing was easily able to generate large profits using exclusively mass media advertising. However, with the development of new technologies and the globalization of the market, customer habits have changed as well as communication with them.
Thus, the new way of marketing and marketing communication becomes the most important tool for positioning in the market, and the constant education of marketing managers is one of the most important, key investments of companies.

These topics were discussed by eminent experts in the field of marketing and marketing communications, who gathered on October 26 at the fourth Marketing Summit held in Sarajevo.

“We are aware of the constant changes in the global market and the increasingly complex ways of doing business, and the challenge of modern market communication. These are the topics of today’s conference, “said Samira Muratovic, CEO of marketing agency Altermedia, organizer of the event, adding:

“For this reason, the fourth Sarajevo Marketing Summit aims to inspire us to think about a different business, to facilitate our integration into modern economics and marketing, and, finally, to all together acquire new knowledge, which will help us in business. I hope we can make it. ”

And they succeeded! The overflowing halls of Hotel Hills and the big applause after each lecture are proof that the fourth Marketing Summit justified the epithet of one of the most important professional events in BiH.

The star of the conference was certainly Key Speaker Christian Majgaard, the brainchild of Legoland and the most successful global CEO of the Lego brand. This leading global expert in strategic corporate project development in large organizations, which in addition to Lego, was also hired by Deloitte, Leaseplan, Swiss RE, Siemens, Nestlé… opened the conference with a lecture entitled “Marketing – Securing for a Successful Business Future every brand ”.

“Strong brands come from strategic determinants that determine a clear picture of the value a brand needs to deliver to a customer. Companies that develop their offerings without strong, global customer insight end up with bad ideas, “said Majgaard.

Asked by a reporter that prompted him to attend the Marketing Summit in Sarajevo, Majgaard replied:

“The Sarajevo Marketing Summit has been recognized by the business community and marketing experts from around the world as an important professional event in the Balkans, and I am glad to be here today.”

One of the lecturers that attracted a lot of attention of the participants is certainly Gorenje CEO Alexander Uranc, who spoke on how to use effective “concepts” in marketing for product development.

Creating sales and marketing strategies and developing brands is impossible without good analysis. What are the new ways of consumer research that every marketing director should know? GfK Director Elma Pasic introduced us.

“Innovation is increasingly important and the innovation cycle is getting shorter. The challenge is to adapt to the new times, harness the potential of data, and find the right guidance for successful products and services,” said Elma Pasic.

After that, we also see real-life examples, analyzes, understandings and uses of “Analytical and IT competencies” data that are already of great benefit to marketing directors and companies today, presented by Triglav Osiguranje business intelligence director Uros Cvetko.

“In order to keep up with the fast changes and be ahead of the competition, it is necessary to constantly seek sources of new information and good ideas,” Cvetko said.

The Golden Jazz brand is being sold in more than 20 countries around the world, and as they have seen an increase in exports in recent years, representatives of Vispak, company director Nina Bijedić-Mujanovic and head of sales and marketing Armin Hodzic said.

An interesting presentation was given by Enes Ibrahimagić from Rapsody Group, on the topic of how to adapt to consumers in multiple foreign markets, and how the Rapsody Group successfully adapted the tourist offer for young people in markets across the region.

For many months, there has been talk of a major Mercator return to the BiH market, and how the company has decided on this move, and what steps are needed to bring a brand back to the market, said Mercator board member Igor Maros.

“For a successful return, it is necessary to check the current position of the brand with consumers, how to connect the past of the brand with the present, how to identify the risks and how to set a marketing approach to the return of the brand to the market. In fact, I think this lecture was interesting and useful for anyone who wants to refresh their brand positions and return to their customers’ shopping list, “said Marosa.

The end of the educational part of the conference was covered by topics on digital communications. Thus, Sasa Skoric from Httpool and Semir Music spoke on the topic “How marketing superstar should overcome the complexity of digital marketing”, ie “A step forward from advertising into digital marketing”