If you have questions about tax controls, complaints, tax breaks, income, special taxes, withholding taxes, or other tax issues, our associates are at your disposal. Our services include tax-related know-how and operational know-how to help you save costs.

As part of our tax advisory services, we provide counseling services related to:


The value added tax in BiH is defined by the Law on VAT and the Rules on Value Added Tax, as well as by a large number of opinions of the tax administration.

The key issues that arise with regard to value added tax are as follows:

  • what is the subject of taxation ?;
  • What is the tax base ?;
  • where is the place of taxation ?;
  • Is delivery taxable or not?
  • What are the special procedures for taxation, etc.?
The value added tax system is becoming increasingly complex. Our associates have been following the development of the value added tax system for a long time, and you can contact us with confidence.
Wondering how to legally pay less income tax?

Income tax is a direct tax that taxes the profits of legal and natural persons in the corporate income tax system.

Corporate income tax regulations often make it clear that it is possible to pay less in taxes, but entrepreneurs do not have the time or the strength to deal with this issue.

If you are interested in helping us prepare your income tax return, have a question about tax treatment of individual expenses or income, please feel free to contact us.


Income tax applies to every individual. Although it is sometimes considered the simplest tax, in reality, income tax is one of the most complex taxes, which is especially the case if you are earning more than one type of income or earning income from abroad.

Contact us if you need assistance in compiling your income tax return, interpreting your resident status, or assisting you in drafting a PUFBiH complaint or complaint.


Tax planning or tax optimization is the search for an ideal tax structure that will minimize your company tax levy. It is especially applicable to international structures, where the following questions often arise:

  • What is the country’s income tax rate?
  • What are the limits on dividend payment and profit sharing, etc.?

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